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Retail Enhanced

A small QOL mod that turned into a sort of overhaul/update that I made with tornas. Updated for 1.15.4.

Place the data7.pak inside of ph/source.
Overwrite the assets folder or place its contents in ph\work\data_platform\pc.

If you choose to use the new player outfit, installation instructions are in a .txt file inside the “Pilgrim Outfit” folder. The outfit replaces the “Reload” outfit.

Mod Changes

Parkour Changes:
– Removed float from dropkick, monkey bars, and other parkour moves
– Slowed down rope gravity/acceleration
– Enabled nitro swimming
– Faster slope sliding and jumping
– More realistic running
– Sprint hides weapon faster (from 6 to 1.5 seconds)
– Lowered dodge amount before exhausted (from 4 to 1)

– 2021 Jump Loop
– 1.0.0 Lockpick Anims
– 1.0.0 Search Anims
– Default Jump Nitro Jump (both hands/variation)
– Airbag uses Trampoline Jump
– 2021 Roll
– 1.0.0 Dodges
– 1.0.0 Running
– 2019-2021 Dropdown
– 2019 Monkey Bar Attack
– 2021 Slope Slide
– Added New Vault + Vault Variation
– 2019-2021 Wallrun Jump
– 2021 Far Jump

AI Changes:

– Decreased viral noise spawn chance
– Balanced/lowered elemental infected spawn rates
– Removed howler
– Removed hag
– Removed plague bearers
– Increase infected population inside interiors significantly
– Increased human reinforcement count
– Increased human population
– Increased encounters (demolishers, goons, exp events, renegades, bandits, etc…)

– Increased infected population
– Increased infected chase count
– Increased time needed away from hoard to end chase
– Increased distance needed away from hoard to end chase
– Added chase level 5
– Added banshees to chases
– Increased encounter amounts

– Increased instances of enemies damaging each other
– Improved viral pounce physics
– Enemies will always drop weapons
– Infected have greater size variation

GUI Changes:
– Smaller dot crosshair
– White stamina bar with no scratches
– Survivor sense range reduced
– Survivor sense visibility times reduced

Visual Changes:
– Removed bracelet from player (not from special outfits)
– Aiden sweats less
– Edited prologue weather
– Added flashlight dimming
– New player outfit (optional)
– Various FOV tweaks/modifications
– Edited and modified gpufx & ppfx
– Massive Weather Overhaul
– Lighting Changes
– Dynamic Weather

Credits: mupt and tornas
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