Tayden’s Complete Parkour Overhaul (1.1)

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Tayden’s Complete Parkour Overhaul (1.1)

A complete overhaul the fundamental parkour sandbox, designed rebalance or completely overhaul almost every move in the game. Expect a more fun, responsive and free parkour flow that encourages creativity and smart routing.

Some notes from the developer
This mod was developed over the course of a year, many updates and changes occured, and my life has become quite busy. The silver lining is that I spent around 200 hours “Developing” this mod. I put that in quotations, because in reality, figuring out the things to add, modify or remove was the easy part, and probably only took about 30-40 hours of work, the actual leg work in this mod is in its Balancing.

If there is anything you take away from this mod, it shouldn’t be the changelog, I spent the majority of that time balancing every one of the moves in this game to specific jump heights, distances, animation speeds, gravity, activation, air control, look angles, step up heights and more, just give it a go and feel the difference.

Before you jump in, or move forward to the changelog, here are some tips:
– Your first instinct will be; “Wow, the Far Jump is way too short”, acknowledge the contrast between the main game and this one, the main game’s far jump is far too powerful, and the contrast between the two is stark, give yourself time to adjust to the new flow and routing. You will not make the same jumps you are used to, get creative and build up momentum before your jump!
– Slope climbing has been disabled in the main file, and while I understand some people will be jarred by it at first (It’s always there if you want it back), I would encourage you to leave it off. Slope climbing was poorly programmed, it disables jumping, combat and climbing all in one. Yes, having it disabled is exploitable, but unless you’re playing through the game from scratch does that really matter?
– Speaking of starting from scratch, if you decide to, it will be hard, but obviously, grab the version that enables slope climbing as it’s necessary for the story. I just want to make it clear that I do not intend to support starting the game from scratch with this mod, as it relies heavily on nitro, but I would assume it is possible.
– You may need to set steam to “offline” mode to see all the changes in this mod, depending on the event status of Dying Light 2
– This mod acts as a replacement to my previous mod; “Tayden’s Realistic Parkour for Enhanced E3 Parkour Animations”, which was in essence the alpha version of this mod. I have delisted that mod, as it is no longer supported, but this mod is in essence, the completed vision for that project, without direct support for E3 Anims
– This mod does not directly support Cans E3 Animations, but it is compatible, as long as you use my data pack. Any animation that uses the nitro jump loop anim will look goofy in my mod as it’s very different from main game (So, that would be wallrun jumps and ropejumps)
– Hey, it’s not going to be for everybody, so here’s the thing; I am a big advocate for open modding, this means you are free to modify and redistribute this mod at your leisure, you do not need permission from me to reupload this mod anywhere else, and you do not need to credit me if you post a modified version, though it’s always appreciated!

What’s been changed? 1.1 Changelog
– Far Jump has been carefully rebalanced, clears gaps slightly easier as long as you get a run up
– Wallrun Far Jump has been buffed
– Monkey Bar dismount has been redone, dismounting you quickly and dropping you down
– Monkey Bar kick has been rebalanced to provide more speed, animation has also been changed, but functions the same as original
– Hide Weapon After Sprint time has been increased from 0.01s to 1.5s to allow for more flexibility in combat encounters
– Fastclimb is no longer disabled in common_skills.xml to prevent some incompatibilities
– Max Wallrun chain changed from 4 to 3 (Calm down spiderman)
– Active Landing Level 1 and Level 2 heights have been changed, rolling now occurs at a shorter distance
– Lethal Fall Height has been reduced (From 15 to 12)
– Harmful height has been increased (from 5 to 9)
– Passive Landings (All 3 tiers) have been rebalanced in a away to allow you to use them as precision alternatives to active landings (To a limit), and activate at different intervals

NOTE: The last 4 changes were made to encourage careful descents, and to allow you to choose to use active or passive landings interchangably up to an extent, this is a slightly different change than you might normally see, but by reducing the lethal height but increasing the harmful height, it provides more flexibility and confidence in many cases to land without an active landing, and broadens the scope of your creative choices in the vertical sandbox, let me know what you think of this change!

1.0 Changelog
– Base run speed carefully rebalanced, manual sprint lasts near indefinitely
– Nitro now behaves more like a sprint, offering a smaller speed boost over a longer time, small boost to jump distance
– Gravity completely readjusted and meticulously balanced to be heavier, faster and more fun
– Jumping no longer has a delay/windup/preparation, incredibly responsive and accurate
– Jump height has been carefully rebalanced
– Far Jump and Double Jump can now be considered 2 variants of the same utility move, balanced for height or distance
– Far jump has been significantly rebalanced and overhauled, momentum based and much more responsive while nerfing the insane distance gained in vanilla
– Double Jump has been rebalanced entirely, meticulously crafted to reach common jumps while being fast and responsive
– Active Landing Double Jump has been changed, offering a faster activation with a changed animation, with rebalanced height/speed values
– Active Landing Rolls now activate after falling a further distance (Only minimally, this is mostly to improve flow in some key areas)
– Wallruns have been rebalanced, will lose horizontal momentum much more quickly, and don’t last as long, but can be chained up to 4 times
– Wallrun jumps have been changed, providing a more responsive and rebalanced jump, animations have been also changed
– Wallrun Kick attack has been replaced with an entirely new move! “Wallrun Far Jump” provides a more horizontal jump at the cost of height, the move also still functions as a kick and can be chained with other wallruns (This move has been balanced as to not be cheesed, use it to get through low windows or accross short gaps)
– Slide jump has been rebalanced to completely remove exploitation, essentially nerfed, but is now momentum based, providing a boost based on current speed
– Slope Climbing has been (Optionally) removed entirely! While this does open up a few exploits (i.e. being able to climb the tower very easily) I would still suggest you keep it disabled, as it improves flow and combat in many areas significantly
– Rope swinging has been mildly readjusted
– Rope jumps are now momentum based and fully controllable (HOLD space to control the longevity of the jump!), the animation has been changed
– Rope kicks have been completely rebalanced, preventing exploitation and are much more realistic, providing a small momentum boost and committing you to a direction
– Drop kicks drop quicker and aren’t as floaty
– Dashing enemy jumps are now useful, providing air control and rebalanced height
– Most moves now allow for subtle directional control while in the air, or are momentum affected
– Many climbing animations have been altered in speed to improve flow
– Most look angle restrictions have been entirely removed/improved, examples; Wallruns and jumps, far jump/double jump, active landing jump, pole vaults, rope swinging and jumping/kicking, monkey bar jumps, enemy double jumps and probably a few more
– A step-up height value has been added to most moves in the game (Most noteably monkey bar jumps) which will prevent many circumstances of getting stuck, falling then grabbing a ledge

Just plop the data pack into Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light 2\ph\source, if you already have a data pack with the same numeration as mine, just change it from data4 to data5/6/7 etc.


The files this mod modifies are:
– anim_meta_data_climb.scr (For climbing speeds)
– tpp_anim_meta_data_climb.scr (Also for climbing speeds, but for the playermodel)
– common_skills.xml (For some base stat changes)
– jump_parameters.scr (For all of the jumping animation and speed changes, the heart of the mod)
– player_variables.scr (A very commonly modified file, for the survivor sense changes, as well as some player speed, gravity and stamina changes)

– Rope kicks and wallrun kicks have a tendency to warp the player to a within-range autoaimed enemy, I have no idea why this happens and if anybody has a solution, please let me know. I assume it is to do with the new momentum based physics I’m using
– On very very very extremely rare occasions, active landing double jumps will not provide any height, this only happens if you manage to activate it on the first 1-2 frames of your active landing. I can’t fix this, as it’s a result of animations, but you probably won’t ever see it.

Credits: Tayden
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